Sandeep Singh: Relationship Manager

Sandeep moved from Dubai to Vancouver, B.C six years ago.  Growing up in a place where it’s all about business, it led him to being fascinated and interested by the world of business and entrepreneurship.

Sandeep is responsible for Outside Sales and Business Development at Pit Stop Portables.  With his Bachelors in Entrepreneurial Leadership and a background in Business Development in the service industry Sandeep is indeed who you need to speak to for all your waste management needs.

When not at work, Sandeep likes to explore the outdoors and loves traveling.  He also has a taste for good clothes, shoes and is quite the foodie.  Sandeep plays all sort of sports, but more Cricket and Rugby on regular basis as he was brought up in an society influenced by the European culture.

Sandeep believes in giving back to the community, therefore, he founded a not-for-profit organization called “Happy Tummies Program”.  The program focuses on providing nutrition breakfast packages to Elementary school children in need within the Lower Mainland.  Currently 8000 children in the Lower Mainland go to school without breakfast and lunch every single day just because they come from families in need or abusive parents.

Lives by the words;  “Hustle beats talent on any given day”

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