Ash Balsdon: Operations Supervisor

Born in Edmonton, raised mostly in Saskatchewan, and settling in Calgary, Alberta, Ash has accumulated a great knowledge of the prairies.  Ash is a team player through and through and outside the Pit Stop world Ash is a proud father of two and husband who loves to engage the outdoors in camping, fishing, hunting and making memories with all those surrounding him.

Having previously worked in trucking (towing) and leading large Construction crews Ash is “in the right seat” on this bus leading our Super Drivers in our Calgary District.   Ash has gained the respect and loyalty from his team which gives him great confidence that our Customers receive the best experience possible.  We’re sure your interactions with Ash, no matter how short or long, will bring a smile to your day.

“If you don’t have time to do it right, what makes you think you’ll have the time to do it over?” – Seth Godin

 Super Strength, Super Speed, Enhanced Durability, Enhanced Physiology, Hyper Intelligence 

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