Jenn Menge: Sales Manager
aka “Jennnn Gray“

Jenn is no stranger to developing Teams, and leading in sales targets. Jenn is responsible for leading our Sales & Customer and Experience Team and her passion to do so has over 30 years in providing exception service to customers while driving and exceeding sales goals. Jenn dislikes conflict however; she does say she loves what does comes of conflict resolution.

When she is not smashing sales targets and cultivating both internal and external relationships, you will find her cycling, running or on her motor bike then rewarding herself with a glass of red wine.

“We come into this world alone, and we leave the same way, the time we spend in between, time spent alive, sharing, learning…Together… is all that makes life worth living…”

telepathic defense, empathy, listening, trust and the ability to empower those around her.

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