LeeAnne Wagar: Sr. Dispatcher

aka “Wanda Woman”

LeeAnne Wagar

LeeAnne is no stranger to the waste industry as she has been living and growing with it for a decade (or more but who’s counting).  From an undisclosed den in the Okanagan to her current lair in sunny surrey, LeeAnne aka Wanda has made her daytime home base in charismatic Coquitlam aka “Pit Stop Portables”.

A lover of animals, sunshine and success however, not to fond of paper cuts, world domination or those green things (brussels sprouts) they always try to feed you on the holidays!

LeeAnne works tirelessly to elevate the level of dispatch, while providing Clean, Dependable Service throughout the Lower Mainland while secretly hoping to be an ice road trucker!

“It’s not my place to judge, we all fall down. It’s about how we get back up…” – Gemma Teller Morrow

energy absorption, animal morphism & dimensional storage (have you ever seen her purse?)

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