The RCMP Get Their Men!

I thought I would share this with you as my day yesterday went from complete anger to great satisfaction within minutes.

I am staying at a Comfort Inn & Suites in Airdrie Alberta on business. Yesterday morning at 5:45am I exited the hotel to get into my company pickup truck that I parked in the lot the night before. Only to find out that… it was gone!!! I walked back into the hotel and immediately made my way to the business centre where I opened up my lap top and logged onto the Nero Global GPS system that we have installed on our entire fleet. Within seconds I located the vehicle and called 911. The 911 dispatch took my information about the vehicle and responded that if they found it they would have a member contact me. I explained then that I have the location of the vehicle through the GPS system and would be happy to assist the RCMP in recovering it, but more importantly apprehending the criminal(s) that stole it from me. The 911 dispatcher then said she would have a member call me immediately. Again within seconds an RCMP member called me and said he was right across the street from my hotel (don’t laugh) at the Starbucks Coffee Shop and would come straight over. I showed the Constable the current location of the vehicle, how long it was parked there (19 minutes) and the time it was stolen only 2.5 hours prior to discovering it was taken as well as the locations it was used to commit a crime(s). The constable dispatched two Sheriffs and two RCMP members to the trucks current location. Again within only minutes, the Officers located the vehicle parked outside a Humpty’s restaurant north of Airdrie, no one in the vehicle. The Officers then entered the Humpty’s restaurant and immediately upon entering two men sitting enjoying their breakfasts noticed the Police and Sherriff’s and one man jumped up from his chair and ran out the back door. Police chased the suspect and apprehended him and the other suspect just sat at his table and surrendered.

It turns out that both men were wanted and have outstanding warrants for other crimes. There was another pickup parked next to mine in the restaurant parking lot that was also stolen that was recovered and both trucks were full, and I mean full of duffle bags and hockey bags full of electronic equipment. I wasn’t happy to hear about the crack pipe on the dash of my truck that was discovered. I was happy to recover my passport that I left in the vehicle. Never the less, the truck was recovered with minimal damage, the bad guys were apprehended, arrested and charged with several crimes (grand theft auto, possession of stolen property, etc) hopefully the people and/or businesses that lost their items will have them returned in good condition.

It was satisfying to assist the RCMP and they were equally satisfied to actually catch the bad guys because too often in that line of work they never do.

Thank you to Constable Jason Curtis, Constable Pederson, and the two Sheriffs all of the Airdrie Detachment for a “Job Well Done!”

The time line was:
Truck stolen at 2:58 am
Truck recovered at 6:30am