How to Beat the Holiday Temptations

It’s inevitable – December will be filled with goodies galore! So how do you stay on track and not overindulge? Between the stress of hosting Christmas dinner, finding all your gifts, and everyday life, Holiday treats can give us the sweet escape we yearn for – even if it makes us feel sluggish. To avoid this we’ve put together some tips to help you avoid temptation, keep your health in check and energy high this Holiday season.


If you skip a meal, you can almost guarantee you’ll find yourself snacking on those creamy butter tarts… oops. In order to avoid office sweets, try eating a small meal or snack every 2-3 hours. If you keep yourself feeling full, you’ll be less likely to feel the need to snack.


Sometimes your body has a funny way of communicating. If you feel hungry but you ate not too long ago, you might be dehydrated. Try drinking some water and see how you feel 15 minutes later.


Get cozy in your favourite winter jacket, boots, gloves and hat and GET OUTSIDE! Go for a walk, snowshoeing, or tobogganing! Yes, it’s cold but the fresh air and movement are guaranteed to make you feel better on the inside.


Mindful eating comes when you become aware of how much you’re eating, how tasty the food is, and whether or not you’re actually hungry. If something doesn’t taste like heaven on a stick, it’s probably not worth the calories.

You don’t need to finish a dessert if you don’t like it. Period. Your body is your temple. Stimulate your taste buds… in moderation. Filling up on toxic foods that don’t taste that great will do nothing but fill you up with regret.