Behind the Mask: Meet some of our everyday Superheroes

Terry MacEwan

Vice President


How long have you been associated with Pit Stop?

15 Years…

A big move happened in 2019 from where you were with Modu-loc (partner in ownership) for 21 years but decided to join Pit Stop as their VP. What were the biggest factors in your decision-making process?

“My relationship with Rob. Pit Stop and Modu-loc had worked together on a number of events (Fifa Olympic, many concerts), subsequently forming an Alliance Group. I met Rob and worked indirectly with him, saw his work ethic, how he ran his company and how he treated his employees; It paralleled the culture and philosophy of business at Modu-loc – we just hit it off.

15 years later, I was given an opportunity to come on board to join a company that has a strong foundation and reputation within the industry. To be a part of a company that not only as it currently exists, but given the opportunity to help grow it to the levels that I know it can be taken to,” was an offer Terry couldn’t pass up.

In the land of superheroes, they all have a unique power. If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be?

“I don’t really want a superpower. I just want to be a leader; to assist in removing barriers so my teams’ superpower can shine through and they can achieve” goals beyond their imagination.

What is one word you would use to describe yourself?



Lee Archanan

Pump Driver | 14 Years


“I once had a gentlemen walk into my toilet when I was servicing it and he stuck his hand in with a THUMBS UP!” “

I had another guy who had been doing construction for more than 40 years tell me that he’s never seen toilets cleaner and as consistent over the years.”

Why have you stayed with Pit Stop for 14 years?

“I enjoy what I do. I like to have a job where I get to work independently and always enjoyed the work hard play hard attitude.”

What are some of your hobbies?

“Drinking beer and making beer videos. Beer reviews!”

What’s your favourite superhero power?

“I wish I could levitate people out of my way…”  


Rob Cutler

Pump Driver | 12 Years


Why have you stayed with Pit Stop all these years?

“I really enjoy it; meeting our customers and reaction I get when I drive up to sites.”

“I get so many cool reactions to my size – I’m 5’ 2” and weigh only 100lbs – I can make the biggest guy run away. I just get in and get the job done. There is always something during my day that is comical and makes me laugh.”

What’s your Pit Stop Superhero power?

“To create harmony; if you have harmony everything else will fall into place.”

We’ve grown quite substantially over the years, “brought on good crew members – people recognize who we are and I am very proud of that.”

“Being able to train people and see them continue to develop in their position and see them doing better than I have….. Then I know I have accomplished something.”


Cheryl Cutler

Pump Driver | 11 Years


“I love my job and I love doing what I do for a company that makes me feel at home!“

Tell us about the most memorable interaction you’ve had with a customer.

“I have so many… it’s hard to choose just one. When I was asked to go sort out a service situation up at SFU I spoke with Mike and the flagger Connie. I let them know I would be “their girl” and had discussions around what they needed; I was able to let them know they could rely on me and that made them feel happy and glad and I was appreciated.”

What do you consider an accomplishment that shaped your career?

 “People skills… I used to be shy and now I am open and really get to know my people.” 

“Thanks to Rob for taking chance on me all those years ago. I was never a driver and always behind a counter – it was a big responsibility to drive a truck!”


Olivia Kennedy

District Manager | 10 Years


You’ve worked at Pit Stop “on and off for 10 years”, explain on and off.

“I started in Calgary, worked in Vancouver, then back to Calgary. Left the company to peruse another opportunity and came back 3 years ago.”

Pit Stop is “a great company to work at. I wasn’t happy where I was so the opportunity to come back seemed like a ‘no brainer’.” 

What’s your superpower?

“Making people do what they don’t want to do… Ahhhhh just joking! I wish I could be invisible – because then I could rob a bank and never work another day in my life… Kidding again!” Looks like we’ve got the next stand up comedian on our team… “My superpower would be a keen intuition – when my gut talks to me it is always right”.  

What do you love to create? “Memorable Experiences.”

“I don’t know what would have happened in my life if I didn’t make that connection with Pit Stop; I love my life and where I am now – I am very grateful for opportunity and experiences Pit Stop has given me – thank you” 


Norm Gorman

Pump Driver | 9 Years


What makes Norm a Pit Stop Superhero?

“I don’t have a sense of smell, so the ability to turn my sense of smell on and off. I do my job and joke around about it.”
You have to have a sense of humour working in this industry.

Why have you stayed with Pit Stop all these years?

“That’s a loaded question. I enjoy the people I work with and I enjoy doing the work. I enjoy my customers and respect Rob.”

Tell me about an accomplishment that shaped your career.

“Having kids. They teach you to have responsibility and commitment to things.”


Fred Pederson

Pump Driver | 7 Years


You’ve been with Pit Stop for almost 3 years now. Why have you stayed with us?

“You guys, to be honest. You guys care. I’ve had a lot of things happen to me and you guys truly care… Why the hell did you make me cry – this interview is over… lol just kidding.”

What makes Fred amazing?

“Look at me… haha. I’m an easy-going person that loves life!”


Darren Wallis

Pump Driver | 6 Years


“What makes me amazing… hahaha. Work ethic makes me who I am. I don’t quit on anything.”

“Pit Stop is amazing for reaching 15 years! That’s a long time! And we’re still growing to this day.”

As the company grows we continue to become better. “We look after our customers” because we care

6 years with Pit Stop… Why have you stayed?

“To be honest it’s because of the environment Shannon and Rob have created and the respect you have for us. It’s similar to when I worked for my grandfather and dad. The care for your employees and treating people with respect. If you have a problem or an issue just say hey and it gets solved.”  

A message for Rob: “I appreciate everything he’s done for me and my family; this job is one of the best jobs I have ever had. It means a lot to me.” 


Anna Tolmie

Pump Driver | 6 Years


“What keeps me at Pit Stop is the people. I think people should love what they do; it’s not the job, it’s the people.” 

What makes Anna amazing?  “Personality – I think I have a great personality.”

“My customers love me… That sounds so selfish.”  Why do they love you? “I’m a Rockstar. I care about my job, and they know that. I want them to look at the toilet and love what they see.”  

Tell me about an accomplishment that shaped your career.

“Hoping into a truck. It was scary as hell… then learning how to operate a BIG truck, but I did it.”

“To my customers…. You’re really great, keep being awesome and keep on loving me.”


James Fancy

Pump Driver | 5 Years


“Despite what people think it’s not that bad of a job!”

You’ve been with Pit Stop for almost 5 years. Why have you stayed with us this whole time?

“You know you guys treat us pretty good (and that kinda thing goes a long way) and like the people I work with. There’s a great atmosphere; it’s a great place to work.”

What makes James a Pit Stop Superhero?

“Hmmmmm patience. I treat people the way I want to be treated.”