Brad Ross: Operations Manager

Raised in Calgary and moved to beautiful BC 30 years ago, Brad has been in the waste management industry for the last few years developing and implementing a strong safety-first attitude. With a previous background in the film industry, mixed with 20+ years as a highly awarded Hospitality Manager, Brad brings an outstanding focus on customer service and loyalty retention.

When not working, Brad is Music and Movie nut which has filled his brain with tons of pop culture and trivia knowledge. Friends and Coworkers know Brad is the go-to for “What’s the name of that song?” and “Who was in that movie?” questions making him the office Cliff Clavin. But that’s not all, Brad is also a huge sports fan. You’ll always find him watching the Saints on Sunday and Canucks on game days.

“Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming” – David Bowie

Mind Control, Inducing Uncontrollable Laughter (which results in painful sides and sore cheeks)

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