Cat Bodger: Sales & Customer Experience Specialist

aka “Queen of Dreams”

Born and raised Australian, Cat followed her intuition to Canada where she found love and the opportunity to build her life. The younger of two daughters in a military household, an adventurous spirit was born, and a journey of discovery began. Having had jobs that were just that: jobs, she desired to be part of a team that strives to create meaning and have fun. Paying the bills was never going to be enough. She needed something worth dedicating her time to.

Young and ambitious, she lives her life in accordance with her values, and a strong desire to serve on and love others. Cat has made it her life mission to learn as much as she can about people and the world around her, open to new experiences and the development of relationships & meaningful connections. She loves dogs and animals, nature, laughter, expanding her comfort zone, building upon her dreams, and interesting conversation.
A young woman in command of her own life, Cat strives to make the most of everyday and every opportunity. If her years in customer service have taught her anything, it’s how much we need one another, and how much of a difference we make in each other’s lives; even without realizing.

SUPER-Powers: Common Sense, Genuine Connection, Energy Prioritization 

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