Katie Panganiban: Customer Experience Team Lead

aka “Professor Outdoors”

Katie joined Pit Stop back in the summer of 2019 originally just as a “Pit Stop” before her big move to New Zealand to pursue her career in coaching and course development. After a yearlong stint, she came back and rejoined the company with longer term goals and applying her unique cocktail of skillsets to the Pit Stop Team.

Although born here and raised in New Westminster for most of her life, Katie’s roots are never firmly planted in one spot. With an ever curious mind, a knack for problem solving and often described as someone who “lives by the seat of her own pants”, an adventurer and risk taker, she’s always ready and willing to take on new challenges as they come.

When she’s not talking toilets – She’s lakeside with her dog, enjoying a brew (or three) with pals or planning the next great adventure!

“Stay Gold Ponyboy, Stay Gold”

SUPER-Powers: Laser Eye, Sonar, Sprinkle Sprinkler

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