Steven MacTaggart: Sales & Customer Experience Specialist
aka “The Dungeon Master”

Based on the great things he was hearing about the culture of the team from some Pit Stop Super Heroes that he had worked with in the past, Steve knew he wanted to find an opportunity to join the Posse. His voracious curiosity and desire to learn new things, combined with the skillset he gained through specialty roles in customer experience and security have prepared him well to take on all challenges as a Sales & Customer Experience Specialist.

Steve was born in New Westminster, and spent most of his early years bouncing around the Lower Mainland before putting down roots in Maple Ridge. He credits his creativity, quick thinking, and being a huge nerd as the keys to his success so far in life.

Those same traits also come in very handy for Steve when he is behind his DM screen, directing players through new adventures where dragons are slayed, princesses rescued, and vast wealth accumulated.

“You can certainly try…” – Dungeon Masters Everywhere

Reality Manipulation, Time Travel, Super-Genius Level Intellect 

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