Tanya Goode: Accounting Clerk

Born as a compassionate spirit, this majestic crow brings her connection, love and compassion to her murder (group/family of crows) every day. In Return, her murder possesses an unwavering trust for her, creating a comfortable and enjoyable space. In her previous life, before this crow became a majestic soul, she was an experienced project manager and former business owner.

As a young kit, Tanya first spread her wings on Halloween night at the British army base in West Germany. When her family moved on, she took her first flight to Wiltshire, England. Her small murder stayed here till she was old enough to spread her wings and make the long journey over the Atlantic Ocean, continuing to grow in Vancouver, BC. This is where the young kit shed her wings and became the Majestic Iridescent Antiquarian Crow we know her as today.

Now, This Iridescent Antiquarian Crow has her own murder of three loving crows and five grand-kits. Even with the wisdom of years passed, she stays forever young by travelling, taking care of her puppy and having fun where ever she goes.

You’ll be in the best wings when you’re in the wings of this Iridescent Antiquarian Crow.

“Every breath is a second chance.” – Switchfoot

Aura Reading, Invisibility, Conjuring Magic, Harvesting Energy

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